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BelIndTravel team presented the rest in Belarus in Pakistan!

Обновлено: 22 дек. 2021 г.

On November 16-18 BelIndTravel representatives took part in the ITIF-2021 - international industrial exhibition. The event took place in the capital of Sindh province, Karachi, the largest economic center of Pakistan.

BelIndTravel presents to visitors the tourism services provided to foreigners in Belarus.

Attending the opening ceremony were: Ambassador of Belarus Andrei Metelitsa; Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail, Heads of various CCI and Belarusian delegates. The participation of Belarus in ITIF-2021 will serve as a powerful incentive for further strengthening and developing trade and economic ties between countries in various fields and will contribute to the growth of Belarusian exports and services to the Pakistani market.

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